stealing past watchful dragons

About Me

Hi. I’m Ali. By day, I work as a research communications guru in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. By night, I study for my MA in Literature (focusing on the evolution of spirituality through narrative) and wrestle with my long-gestating novel (it’s a good thing I have a day job). As part of my battle against the myopic world of American adulthood, I actively nurture the bright-eyed kid and the restless adolescent within me.

I was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley of California, spending most of my summers by the ocean or in the eastern Sierras, so I’ve always felt caught between sea spray and alpine air. I have far too many interests to keep track of, from music, film, and design to theology, cosmology, physics; the list keeps growing. There’s a strange, giddy relief in knowing I’ll never run out of things to learn or ideas to absorb. It’s why I wake up each day terribly excited about something. 

My greatest passion is storytelling. It’s both the lens through which I understand the world and the most powerful communication tool I know. When I’m not indulging in other people’s stories (reading, gaming, movies/TV) or attempting to master my own, I’m usually busy mapping new philosophies from the shoulders of my favorite giants. My creative endeavors are sponsored by generous amounts of coffee and the requisite self-doubt. I like to say that my to-read stack would kill a man if it toppled. Feel free to increase the danger to everyone in my immediate vicinity by recommending another book.


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